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    In July 2021, Chinese markets braced for a buzz. Syngenta, the Swiss agritech giant, filed for a $10bn-dollar listing on Shanghai’s STAR Market, a tech-focused stock exchange.

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    products. They shop through live-streaming e-commerce on digital platforms like Taobao and emerging ones like Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok). While Google, Facebook, and ChatGPT are unavailable in China, local alternatives offer comparable services. Beidou, China’s GPS equivalent, provides more accurate navigation services for users.

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    The Peking University Digital Inclusive Finance Index has charted the influx of financial service providers and the corresponding financial coverage in the countryside over the past decade. Primarily using data from Ant Financial, the index intends to reflect the development of digital finance in a comprehensive manner.

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    Based on the Chinese customs data and the Peking University Digital Financial Inclusion Index of China from 2013 to 2017, this paper verifies the impact of digital inclusive finance on the upgrading of a city’s export and further explores the heterogeneity across cities and the mechanisms through which digital finance influences export upgrading.

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  • Unlike existing studies, based on datasets from the Digital Finance Research Centre of Peking University and the China Urban Statistics Yearbook, this study investigates the impact of DFI on narrowing the urban–rural income gap based on the Thiel index in China.
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      At present, most measurement methods of DFI in China use the DFI index released by the Institute of Digital Finance of Peking University. This index is based on the massive data of Ant Financial’s DFI business and follows principles of comprehensiveness, balance, comparability, continuity, and feasibility.

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    We use the Peking University Digital Financial Inclusion Index of China (PKU-DFIIC) to reflect the development trend of digital financial inclusion in Chinese provinces over the period 2013–2020 and we find that digital financial inclusion has a negative impact on carbon dioxide emissions.

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    So there is still a long way to go before a digital Peking Opera human with real-time interaction capability is created." Regardless, a digital Mei Lanfang is a good beginning, a breakthrough in.