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Rubber, also called India rubber, latex, Amazonian rubber, caucho, or caoutchouc, [1] as initially produced, consists of polymers of the organic compound isoprene, with minor impurities of other organic compounds [ [1] ]. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia are four of the leading rubber producers.

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Natural rubber is extracted from latex sap of a Hevea brasiliensis, commonly referred to as a rubber tree. Rubber that is chemically formed from this natural sap is referred to as ‘polyisoprene’. Did you know natural rubber can be traced back thousands of years.

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rubber 1 (def. 1). ' natural rubber ' also found in these entries: crepe rubber - elastomer - polybutadiene - polyisoprene - rubber - rubber latex - smoked rubber - synthetic rubber - vulcanite.

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  • Natural Rubber Properties. Natural rubber has flexibility and strength, as well as impurities and vulnerability to environmental conditions and hydrocarbons. Compared to other rubbers, natural rubber is one of the most flexible types, and it’s resistant to water and certain chemicals. It’s also resistant to cutting, tearing, wear.
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    Natural rubber is a kind of indispensable biopolymers with great use and strategic importance in human society. However, its production relies almost exclusively on rubber-producing plants Hevea brasiliensis, which have high requirements for growth conditions, and the mechanism of natural rubber biosynthesis remains largely unknown. In the past two decades, details of the rubber chain.

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