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glöda i ordbok från Betydelse: Brinna utan låga. Synonymer: brinna, låga, flamma, blossa, byra, pyra, avbrinna, förbrinna, nedbrinna, uppbrinna, utbrinna. Källa: "Svenska språkets synonymer" av A.F. Dalin. Utgiven Vissa ändringar har gjorts för denna digitala utgåva av Sinovum Media.

Hönsrede synonym

wing. skirr. smooth along. Compare Synonyms. See also synonyms for: gliding. On this page you'll find 78 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to glide, such as: descend, drift, flit, float, fly, and sail. antonyms for glide. Most relevant. face.

Stört synonym

    Synonyms for GLIDED: flowed, sailed, drifted, slid, slipped, cruised, swept, brushed; Antonyms of GLIDED: struggled, stumbled, floundered, trudged, limped, shuffled, plodded, lumbered.

Glöd synonym

Synonyms for GLIDE: flow, drift, sail, slide, slip, brush, cruise, sweep; Antonyms of GLIDE: struggle, limp, stumble, flounder, trudge, shuffle, plod, lumber.

Glöder korsord 3 bokstäver

ascend. arc. swarm. “He watched the two birds glide away over the waves, an apprehensive glint in his eye.”. Verb.. To move along on the surface of a liquid or in the air. float. drift.

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    The meaning of GLADE is an open space surrounded by woods. Did you know?.