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    The care finder program targets older Australians who are eligible for aged care services and have one or more reasons for requiring intensive support to: interact with My Aged Care access aged care services access other relevant supports in the community.

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When you register in MyMedicare, it will notify your general practice that you have chosen them as your regular care team. Additional funding will be available from the government to help them provide the care you need. MyMedicare patients will have access to: greater continuity of care with your registered practice, improving health outcomes.
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    to protect someone or something and provide the things they need, especially someone who is young, old, or ill: The children are being cared for by a relative. She can't go out to work because she has to stay at home to care for her elderly mother.

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  • Quotes attributable to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese: “It’s a real privilege to be opening another Medicare Urgent Care Clinic, this time in Woolloongabba. “Across Brisbane’s south, when Queenslanders need urgent care that isn’t life threatening – the Brisbane South Medicare UCC will be here to help. "Prior to the election last.
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    Frog Care. Frogs require heating and temperatures will vary depending on species. However, ideal temperatures include water at 24-26˚C, hot spot at 28-30˚C, cool spot at 22-24˚C and ambient at 26˚C. In captivity, heat can be provided through water heaters, infrared or moonlight heat globes, heat mats and cords or ceramic heat emitter.

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    Go to the thesaurus article about these synonyms and antonyms of care for. Learn more. When you take care of someone or something, you are responsible for the health and safety of someone or something. Cambridge English Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press.

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